Pre-University Marketing & Business

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Course Content

P r e - U n i v e r s i t y M a r k e t i n g & B u s i n e s s
  • eBusiness
  • Marketing Practice
  • Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Behavioural Studies
  • Work Experience
  • Applied Economics
  • Communications
  • Maths (elective)

Course Description

Business & Marketing online consists of social media, website creation,design, marketing, maintenance and online payments for products and services.

Website revenue for businesses in Ireland has grown 150% since COVID 19 in 2020   Digital Marketing jobs are in demand with 68% of Irish consumers doing more online shopping now than before the pandemic.

Learn how to create business clients’ websites and establish their social media presence.


5M2069 QQI Level 5 Marketing

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities open to graduates include:

Business Management | Social Media Management for Business| eBusiness| Digital Marketing
Executive| Public Relations | Sales & Advertising | Independent Marketing Consultancy |
Market Research | Entrepreneurship | Marketing Agencies


Two thirds of Irish e-commerce websites now turnover more than €1 million

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Progression to degrees

TCD | Global Business | Business, Economic and Social Studies (BESS) |Level 8
ATU Galway/Mayo | Marketing and Sales/ Event Management with Public Relations | Level 8
GCD | Business (Marketing) | Level 8
University of Galway | Business Information Systems | Level 8
DCU/ DKIT/ UL |Business Studies | Marketing | Level 8
TU Dublin | Business (Marketing Management) | Digital Marketing | Advertising & Public Relations | E-commerce in Retail| Level 8
Maynooth University | BBS (Hons) Marketing/Business/Entrepreneurship | Level 8
UCD | Business & Law | Level 8

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I really did enjoy the Marketing course and I'm currently employed doing social media for business and marketing work, which is so much fun and I'm continually learning through that as well.

Alyona O'Brien 2023 Marketing Graduate

The Marketing course was fun and interesting to learn about. I am now so passionate about Marketing tools and techniques. I now have the self-confidence to follow my dreams.

Sarah Muhigirwa 2021