Criminology & Psychology

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Course Content

C r i m i n o l o g y a n d P s y c h o l o g y
  • Psychology
  • Criminology
  • Word Processing
  • Social Studies
  • Legal Practice & Procedures
  • Communications
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Work Experience
  • Criminal Law

Course Description

Criminology and Psychology provides a unique insight into the world of crime, deviance, morality, conflict and justice. With a specific focus on the psychological, cultural and addiction risk factors associated with crime, this specialist course will provide the learner with the relevant skills, knowledge and experience needed to progress to education or work in forensic settings such as policing or prisons; legal settings such as a courtroom or chambers; or health and justice agencies.


Legal Studies (5M3789)

Career Opportunities

Criminology and Psychology provides excellent progression to a career in social care, the Gardai, hospitals, research or working in a law practice administration.

Psychology graduates have many options to them as they progress. With a background in psychology, you can work in hospitals, prisons, schools, research, human resources, among
other settings


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Progression to degrees

AIT | Applied Psychology | Level 8 
UCC | Criminology | Level 8 
UCC | Applied Psychology | Level 8 
DCU| Health and Society | Level 8 
TCD| Psychology | Level 8
UCD| Psychology | Level 8
NUIM| Psychology | Level 8
UL| Criminal Justice | Level 8
UL| Psychology & Sociology | Level 8
UL | Criminal Justice | Level 8
NUIG | Law, Criminology and Criminal Justice | Level 8
NUIM | Law | Level 8
DCU | Law | Level 8
UCD | Law | Level 8
TUD | Law | Level 8
NUIG | Law | Level 8

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