Club & Societies

At OFI, we pride ourselves on having a thriving social element for students to enjoy. As with our courses, our social clubs represent a wide range of interests and talents.

Clubs on offer include Book Club, Film Club, Make-Up Club, Games Club, Dungeons and Dragons Club, Men’s and Women’s Soccer Club, Men’s and Women’s GAA Club, Basketball Club, Well Being Club, Debate Club, and Board Games Club. These clubs offer learners a means of making friends with people who share similar interests. They also provide an additional social outlet for learners during lunch break or after school.  

Our Societies include LGBTQIA+ society, Mature Student Society, International Student Society. These are hugely popular and allow learners to meet others who may share the same background or experiences as them!

Organised by our OFI Student Union, various social events also ensure that students can meet learners outside of their course. Marked on our social calendar are jersey days, Hallowe’en Activity Week, Movember, Christmas Jumper Days, Wellbeing Days, Race Nights among others!

We look forward to meeting you!