Photography, Film & Design

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Course Content

P h o t o g r a p h y, F i l m a n d D e s i g n
  • Image Processing
  • Digital Photography
  • Photography Techniques
  • Communications
  • Work Experience
  • Digital Movie Processing
  • Documentary Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Film Production

Course Description

Secure your qualification in this dynamic and fast-moving sector and gain a qualification to work in a visual industry with real rewards and influence people’s perceptions daily. It will cover all aspects of photography, film production, editing and design, offering a hands-on, practical experience together with the creation of a high-quality portfolio.


Career Opportunities

Graduates progress to employment in various areas including:

Freelance Photographer/Videographer | Aerial Photography/Video | Photojournalist | Portrait
Photographer | Sports Photographer/Videographer| Magazine Editor | Video Editor |
Social Media Manager | eCommerce Photographer | Content Creator | Photo retoucher | Digital Marketing


The average photographer salary in Ireland is €60K per annum

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Progression to degrees

Graduates can progress to a variety of degree programmes including:

TU Dublin | Photography | Level 8
Ulster University | Photography with Video | Level 8
DkIT | Creative Media | Level 8
DkIT | Film and Television Production | Level 8
IADT | Photography | Level 8
IADT | Film and TV Production | Level 8
TUS Limerick | Photography, Film, Video | Level 8

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Fees For The Academic Year 2024 – 2025

All courses have a Registration Fee of €30 (non-refundable).

A non-refundable Registration fee of €30 will be payable on acceptance of a PLC place. Essential course materials may be required for some courses the cost of which will be borne by the student.

All fees are subject to change. All fees must be paid with a Credit/Debit card online. No cash is acceptable.

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I really enjoyed the Photography, Film and Design course and I cannot recommend it enough. Ken alongside the course itself really teaches you the ins and outs of photography, film and design. Regardless of what experience you have, this course caters to everyone. Not only was I given the tools to enter university as a photography student, I was also prepared to enter the work force as a photographer. Overall, the fun and laughs alongside the learning brings the class together and makes everyday an enjoyable experience. I always looked forward to going in and seeing what we would be getting up to that day. Ken is an incredible teacher and this is the perfect PLC course for anyone with a love for all things photography.I enjoyed all aspects of the course, as it was a wide and varied range. If I were to pick a specific module, it would be the main photography module itself, and getting to communicate with classmates with photography, and getting to go outside and learn about making images.There are a wide range of courses with highly qualified and helpful tutors/teachers ready to assist in every aspect of the course you wish to study.When I joined the Photography course, I had a fair idea of shooting with a camera on manual, instead of letting the camera do the work, but as the year progressed. Everything I learned on the course applied in my current job as a sports photographer/picture desk editor with Sportsfile (Ireland’s leading sports photography agency). Communication is huge in my line of work, both with colleagues and with clients in PR (Public Relations) jobs where they wish to have their logo shown in such a way and shot a certain way, and making their imagination a reality, which is not an easy job.I would highly recommend doing the Photography course at any and all ages, if you are wishing to become a professional photographer, or even want to take it up as a hobby, or even take your photography to the next level

Ben McShane Photography Graduate