Networks & Software Systems


QQI Level 6 Certificate in Networks and Software Systems

Course Modules

  • Project Management
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Software Architecture
  • Communication
  • Work Experience
  • Mathematics
  • Relational Database
  • Web Development
  • Graphical User Interface Programming
  • Information Technology
  • Administration

Course Aim

There is increased demand for IT professionals with the software development, designing and installation skills. This is an Advanced Certificate in Software Development course which provides the necessary knowledge in the area, keeps learners up to date, and helps them gain the competence required for an employment. If you have logical thinking and good numerical skills, as programming modules are mandatory, then this course is for you.

Career Opportunities & Progression Routes

The course provides graduates with the skills and knowledge required to design and create the software programs that people use every day. They will benefit any programmers’ or software administrators’ team in any company. Students completed this course will be prepared for a variety employment positions in the IT sector particularly in the areas of software development, network/database administration, computer programming, system analysis and design, sales and technical support and website design and development

Entry Requirements

Students should have successfully completed the QQI level 5 Certificate in Information Technology.



 Dwayne Daly - Course Co-Ordinator


College registration Fees €200.00

Government Levy €200.00*

*Participants are exempt if they:

  • are in receipt of BTEA or VTOS allowance
  • Are eligible for a SUSI Grant
  • Have a full Medical Card

QQI level 5 exam fee €50**

QQI level 6 exam fee €80**

**Participants are exempt if they:

  • Are in receipt of BTEA or VTOS
  • Have a full medical card

Some Courses have additional Fees - these are outlined accordingly.