Digital Marketing


QQI Level 5 Certificate in Digital Marketing

Course Modules

  • Behavioural Studies
  • Marketing Practice
  • Applied Economics
  • Communication
  • Work Experience
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Word Processing
  • Bookkeeping Manual and Computerised

Course Aim

The importance of online strategies for marketing professionals in selling products and services is having more of an impact in today’s ever changing business environment. The course will equip the learners with up to date skills and knowledge in developing and executing digital marketing strategies for business. Students will learn how to develop an integrated marketing approach, using both traditional and online techniques to successfully market a business.

Career Opportunities & Progression Routes

The course will prepare students for an exciting career in sales and marketing, business, advertising and designing, public relations and social networks, online business management and market research. It will provide opportunities to work for small, medium and large companies. Successful completion of this Level 5 Award may lead to entry into the Advanced Certificate in Business Management QQI Level 6.

Entry Requirements

This course is aimed at students who have completed the Leaving Certificate, Leaving Certificate Applied, Leaving Certificate Vocational and mature students with an interest in IT, with suitable candidates being selected by interview.


Marcus Howard - Course Co-Ordinator



College registration Fees €200.00

Government Levy €200.00*

*Participants are exempt if they:

  • are in receipt of BTEA or VTOS allowance
  • Are eligible for a SUSI Grant
  • Have a full Medical Card

QQI level 5 exam fee €50**

QQI level 6 exam fee €80**

**Participants are exempt if they:

  • Are in receipt of BTEA or VTOS
  • Have a full medical card

Some Courses have additional Fees - these are outlined accordingly.