Certificate in Art, Craft and Design


QQI Level 5 Certificate in Art, Craft and Design 

Course Modules

  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Painting
  • Ceramics
  • Combined Materials
  • Graphic Design Skills
  • Communications
  • Work Experience
  • Printmaking
  • Design Skills

Course Aim

This course is offered to those with who are looking to produce an exciting, competitive and creative body of art work. Students will gain skills in drawing, painting, ceramics and various other media. Students are able to prepare a portfolio of work for application to entry into Art and Designs colleges.
Career Progression
Students during the course explore a broad range of practical experiences in an experimental way. On completing it they are ready to start a creative career as employees in areas such as painting, sculpture, printing, ceramic design, textiles, fashion design, graphic design, advertising multimedia etc. The course award and portfolio assembled during the year meet the academic requirements for entry to a range of art, craft and design courses in the third level education institutions.

Career Opportunities & Progression Routes

During the course students are assembling a portfolio of sufficient quality and quantity to give them a better chance of getting in a third level study in such disciplines as animation, film making, photography, model making and special effects, interior architecture, multimedia communications, art and design education as well as traditional fine art and craft areas. Another option is the entering progression to direct employment in areas such as graphic design, animation, fine art practitioner etc.

Entry Requirements

This course is aimed at students who have completed the Leaving Certificate, Leaving Certificate Applied, Leaving Certificate Vocational and mature students  

John O'Connor - Course Co-Ordinator


College registration Fees €200.00

Government Levy €200.00*

*Participants are exempt if they:

  • are in receipt of BTEA or VTOS allowance
  • Are eligible for a SUSI Grant
  • Have a full Medical Card

QQI level 5 exam fee €50**

QQI level 6 exam fee €80**

**Participants are exempt if they:

  • Are in receipt of BTEA or VTOS
  • Have a full medical card

Some Courses have additional Fees - these are outlined accordingly.